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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> firefighters brought james wright to safety. they used ropes to repeal down the steep hill. they brought him up safely in a litter basket. it could be different if he had not seen the reflection. he ran down to the vehicle. >> there was a guy and i opened the door and he was okay. and he just said hi. hey, you are going to be all right. >> he was relieved wright was not hurt. >> he was tired and thirsty. he wanted a sip of water. >> florez said he didn't consider himself to be a hero, but did his job. firefighters tell us that he didn't seem to be seriously injured. abc 7 news. >> today president obama touring parts of alabama
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devastated by deadly tornados, alabama suffered the greatest loss of life where 210 people were killed . they talked with residents as they sifted to the rubble of their home. the president promised help rebuilding. >> we are seemlessly working with the states and governments . the communities here we are going to do everything we can to help these communities rebuild. >> one million homes and businesses are still without power and water in alabama. yesterday's sting of tornados was the deadliest since 19322. >> here tonight, the city is moving to shutting down a mobile home park . this is what the pacific code mobile home looked like in the
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height of flooding. many people may soon be forced to move. >> dan, the city council voted to start the paperwork process that breaks down the relocation effort would be worth and if they decide to close the mark. >> on the pacific coast mobile home property for 30 years. sid thee jackson has been here 40 years. >> i thought i had seniority over everyone. there were two ahead of me. >> sydney and his neighbors face the prospect of moving. when a drain age pipe sent a torrent of water in the downtown capitola. >> it would cost 1. 9 million to repair the damage. it would cost 1.4 million. >> even if the city brought it up to code it would remain in
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the flood plain. they are concerned about the long-term community. >> the city neglected the property for years and the flood is a good excuse to close the park. >> it is there t property and they can do what they want. >> and it looks like they will do what they want. any final decision is six months away. many homes are still off limits. sydney got back in his place last week and got clearance today to return home. >> until the city makes suggestions for alternative housing, we need to wait and see. in the meantime we'll get back to the normal routine. >> if and when the decision comes to close the park capitol will have another problem. 89 year old sydney jackson. >> that is the way to get rid
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of me and i don't think the law will allow that. >> the city said if indeed it does close the park at that time. it would be about six months. we are looking @ least a year before people have to move out and people like sydney who have been here a long time and full-time residents would be compensated more than someone who has mobile homes here for vacation use. >> karina thank you very much. the oakland mayor opened up the budget address the short fall. there is pension and health care. it would mean futer police officers and firefighters. some libraries are closed and all funding would be eliminated. >> some cuts are going to
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happen. we reorganized the city and eliminated departments and flattened the organization. >> the mayor is laying out three different plans because she is not sure what the rev new situation will be. >> the city council is expected to approve a contract to hire john russo as the new general manager. the contract would pay him a base salary of $215,000. speculation arose that he will leave his post after the mayor opposed to his gang injunctions . >> san jose police officered offered to take a cut in order to save jobs. officers would receive 80 percent of the pay down from 90 percent when they retire. they also would not get paid for unused sick leave and
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vacation days. some officers would get laid off and demoted as san jose try to close a damage deficit. >> the cinco demayo parade is cancelled. that event was held in san jose for 3decades . the economy and high cost of the computer presence made it unaffordable. they have been tangling over the cost when violence broke out. it drew 400,000 people that year. the mexican independence day in september has been cancelled. >> chevron corporation the first quarter rose. it is a series of strong earnings reports. they sold their price for $89 a barrel in the last quarter
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compared to 71 years ago. >> that led to a increase in profits. they reported a income of len billion dollars. the sheriff spokesman said the s have to do with the price of gas at the putches. >> atlanta braves pitching coach accused of bad behavior for the giants is on the administrative leave. they made crude gestures to a group of fans before the fans in the ball park. one fan claims that mcdowell will threaten him with a bat after he objected to the coach's actions. they have barred him as the investigation continues. major league baseball is also investigating. >> firefighters are trying to the cause of a apartment fire in antioch it broke out in this building in the
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intersection. the two story building has retail space on the ground floor and apartment units on the second floorarson investigators are looking into the cause of an early morning fire in a medical marijuana club where there was a previous suspicious fire in january. it started before three in the vacapt house on dray street. it displaced four residents there. the cause of the january fire is under investigation as well >> there is a recreation center and high school gym to help keep teenagers off of the streets. it is in response to a school district study which found most violent homicides are committed on that the night. it is going to stay open until midnight and hosting
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basketball and indoor soccer games. and san francisco's presidio. a receipt discovery of sudden death syndrome has national park officials worried. they found it on the oak tree just a few yards away from the homes on spruce street. they think it spread from path ogens on ornamental plapts. there is way to fight is create army of citizen scientist in california. >> it is a good agency and works if you know where it is, there are thing to do to protect your oaks. >> among the sympt of sudden oak death. cracked bark. it is not always fatal and early detection can keep the disease in check.
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all of the effort to clamp down on clogged sewers. >> a warm up is coming just in time for your weekend. we'll show you how the temperatures will rise. >> and the royal vows sealed with not one. but two kisses. we captured the highlights in the real
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> look at this, a rare sight on the streets of pran fran. a nike missile making its way down. it was taken from fort berry to the pacific coast dream machine show. it will be on display from 10:00 to 4:00. the vintage missile can knock
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down a enemy plane. and problems with the endeavor hydraulic system forced nasa to delay the shuttle. that did not stop president obama and first lady meeting with the crew. they met with congresswoman gabreille giffords who was wounded. but at cape canaveral for the launchh today . the obama's flew to florida after touring the torn turnover damage. >> the coast guard's largest ship captured picture was cutter heely. the 420 foot long vessel is an ice breaker. ♪ today also brought a change in the helm at the heely.
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captain beverly took control . heely is on the job breaking ice in the arctic ocean . >> san francisco officials are going on the offensive against greece. they went door to door to inform merchant about a new disposal ordinance for used grease and oil. it cost three and half million to repair. there will be new disposal requirements. and construction on the transit center in san francisco is forcing detours, starting at 8:00 tonight. harrison treat between essex and second will be closed while elevated bus ramps are demolished. they will work through the week if they have to. >> some streets will be off
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limits on the peninsula this weekend 11 san mateo cities are participating in streets alive. it will show them over to walk and focus and ride their bikes. closures on sunday from 10 to two p.m. we have all of the closures and look on abc >> just in case you missed the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. it a fairy tale wedding that was watched by billions on tv and on line. >> the newly weds left clarence house bound for buckingham palace with 300 close friends . a far cry of the wedding.
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the iconic images of kate. british fashion house alexander mcqueen. >> it couldn't more perfect and very like grace kelly and simple and elegant. >> she was walking down. there were countless memorable moments and william telling his bride she was beautiful. >> i pronounce they be man and wife together. >> the carriage ride back to the palace, not one but two kisses on the balcony and a surprise drive back to clarence house for private time as a married couple . from south africa to japan. their union was celebrated around the world. it was a national party and two in the center of all ready
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to take part. >> it may be more than just love. it may signal a fresh start for the monarchy which suffered from low public opinion in recent years. back here in the bay area some folks stayed up late and some early to watch the wedding half a world away. san jose pub opened at 2:00 this morning. wedding fans could watch on 21 flat screen tvs and as you can see patrons received free tiaras . pulled a all nighter in half moon bay. >> i thought the wedding dress was fabulous. i thought the queen in yellow brightened the occasion . >> there is a lot of americans interested in britain and the royal family. and they love it. you know people will
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recognize. >> some folks signed a wedding guest book and a big day in jolly old england. barbara walters will host a wedding edition tonight. >> you think they were all just drinking tea? >> champ pain of course. it is going to warm up for the weekend and going to remain on the mile to warm side next week as well . a live view from the highest camera and showing you san francisco in the background. skies are clear and if you are wanting to head to the beach. santa cruz will be the place to be. people are out and about enjoying the sunny skies and temperatures and low 70s and getting up in the mid-70s.
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our coastal locations will have all of the numbers. >> and 55 degrees in half moon bay. rest of the area in the 60s. temperatures came up and this is going to continue for the weekend. >> a clear and chilly night and we are looking at mild to warm weather for the weekend. it is a nice stretch for several days. higher pressure and keeping the wind flow out of the northwest. we have no fog for tonight or next couple of days. it will be a nice sunny afternoon one day after the next. >> wind out of the northwest will shift around as higher pressure builds inland. we'll see the wind coming northeasterly and we'll call for occasionally off shore winds and warmer readings
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expected for sunday afternoon. it is a chilly night and 40s for most of the location . 28 for you in san francisco and palo alto and san jose in the mid-40s. you will see low 40s in morgan crew and fairfield. these are the afternoon readings. low to midsepts and sarahing ta . blue skies on the peninsula and mild weather. 73 in palo alto . coastal areas still breezy and not as windy as what we have seen. 63 in half moon bay . downtown san francisco, coming up. 68 degrees excuse me and in the north day. 19 with the breeze coming in and upper cents for sant rosa and getting up to 74 in navado .
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oakland and castor valley. inland areas and sunshine and midcents and concorde and livermore and around the monterey bay . up to 75 in the inland areas. this is your accu-weather 7 day forecast. warming trend by low 80s and temperatures drop off a few degrees on monday . then look at what happens. numbers start to come back up and we'll be seeing warm continues here and mid-80s . 90 degrees for may. not too shabby. >> my goodness. pizza and turkey burgers on the house tonight. >> that's coming up . certainly an ambitious goal. san francisco's effort to roll every high school senior in college. create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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>> we thought you deserved a treat. treats fit for a future king. >> right. yeah. fretaria's for everyone. it is closed. and you can put them on your head. best we can do. we talk about how the getting lowical and good. turkey burger from karl junior, 500ical rows. >> wow. >> lock at that thing. pretty big and heavy and worth trying out. and it is a wheat bun,
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too. >> yes, it is. and today, i really wanted everyone to like me. >> that never fails. and good and rustic. this thing is absolutely good as it looks. this is only one location on mission street in san francisco and in the financial district . rustica and absolutely fabulous and come with a bunch of different flavors . chicken sausage and moroccian pair and chicken currie. >> great. >> you get that. >> yes. how would we get them. >> and 546-fon77 or go to abc new >> he's always wanted it. we have more coming up next.
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i may have one. a first for you and the magic kingdom. >> magic of cizny.
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>> i am carolyn johnnson in the news room. new at 6:00. standing by his wife. >> i still love her, and i know she still loves me. >> tonight an east bay man tells the iteam his role in having his wife arrested. 7 on your side michael fenny examines the automatic super market scainers have enough safe guards. >> floating disneyland in the san francisco bay. >> it caught up with the


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